Zek Suran

Zek is a smallish human male of fairly non-descript appearance, with the exception of his striking green eyes.


Character Name: Zek Suran Player Name: Rick Class: Jedi Guardian Species: Human
Character Level: 1 Class Level: 1 Age: 22 Height: 1.524m (5’8") Weight: 71.67kg (158 lbs.)
Eyes: Green Hair: Brown Skin: Pale Caucasian
Str 14
Dex 12
Con 14
Int 10
Wis 10
Cha 12
Defense: 14 Vitality: 12 Initiative: 1 Saves-Fort: 4 Reflex: 3 Will: 1 Attack Rolls-Melee: 3 Ranged: 2
Skill Totals: Balance 2, Climb 3, Computer Use 3, Craft-Lightsaber 2, Intimidate 3, Jump 4, Knowledge-Jedi Lore 3, Pilot 5, Tumble 4
Force Skill Totals: Battlemind 4, Force Stealth 3, Heal Self 3
Feats: Exotic Weapon Proficiency-Lightsaber, Force Sensitive, Weapon Group Profiency-Blaster Pistol, Weapon Group Proficiency-Simple Weapons, Starship Operation-Starfighter, Alter (Force Feat)


Zek was born of the illicit affair between Jedi Master Kellum Suran and his beautiful Padawan,Syallia. Syallia died from unexpected complications during the birthing process. Zek was tested almost immediately by the Jedi council and was found to be a promising candidate for the order. Master Kellum was so distraught by the death of his lover that he accepted a mission to explore the furthest reaches of the galaxy, contact was lost with him after the first few months and has never been reestablished, Master Kellum and his crew are assumed to have perished.

Zek, meanwhile, grew up in the Jedi Academy’s own creche. He has been seen to have a great deal of talent flying starfighters and has a flair for history. His teachers reports of him frequently include the words, impatient, headstrong and natural leader. His Jedi Master is the renowned Cerean, Master Shu-Ji.

Zek Suran

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